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   Our farm is our passion! It is important to us to connect you with your food source. By purchasing from Roots Farms, you know the products that nourish your body are raised in a humane manner, and are never exposed to hormones or antibiotics! We slow grow, and pasture raise our herd and supplement with all natural hog feed.
We're so proud of our herd and our practices, that we invite all of our customers to come visit the farm. We want you to be a part of the farming process! 
   The meat from these amazing animals is the best pork on the planet. Mangalitsa hogs are known for their impressive fat layer, which is marbled throughout, creating a more flavorful product. The meat is a deep red color, with exceptional flavor and texture. Our product is like no other pork you've ever tried. Our hogs are available to purchase as breeding stock, weaned/live (to raise for yourself!), or as USDA certified whole, half, quartered, or cut/wrapped products.
Raising Mangalitsa hogs since 2013

Roots Farms