Raising specialty hogs since 2013

Roots Farms

It started with two

And then it grew

Our Ranch hands include-

 Alex & Jose


Holden is the Do-all of Roots Farms- she received her bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Nutritional Science from Califonria State Univeristy, Long Beach. She is a Registered Dietitian and has a passion for all things health & food related. She believes that consumers should have a better understanding of where their food comes from, & how animals/livestock are fed & raised. She believes that food should be not only nutritious, but delicious, and humanely raised!


Justin is the boots-on-the-ground Farmer. After many years in the mortgage industry, he desired a line of work that was more personally fulfilling. With a culinary background and a passion for farming, he researched livestock breeds and fell in love with the idea of raising Mangalitsa Hogs. He made that dream a reality in 2013 when he traveled to Northern CA & purchased 3 hogs from a reputable breeder. Since that day he has dedicated his time to educating himself and others on the breed, and spreading knowledge about responsibly raised food!

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