Our farm specializes in raising Mangalitsa hogs. These impressive animals are a European heritage breed originating from Hungary. We focus our efforts on nurturing, slow-growing, and humanely raising these wonderful creatures. We carefully maintain our genetic lines with 22 sows, and a few lucky boars. We nurture their piglets for eighteen to twenty-four months with the same love and respect we give to our pets; this is the true definition of "slow grow" food!


    Our farm started small on a Southern California ranch with two gilts and one boar (named 'Odin'). After some time, another boar was added (named 'Kelemen'), contributing to our genetic line, and now we have an exceptional herd and some very cute piglets! We recently upgraded our ranch to 62- acres in Central California.Our hogs love the spacious green pastures as much as we do!


   We also spend ample time cultivating organic fruit & produce, pastured egg-laying chickens, and 3 cattle. Right now our eggs & produce feed out family household and a few customers locally, but we hope to make our eggs, and produce available for others in the near future. 

This is our


Raising Mangalitsa hogs since 2013

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